We are your one stop shop for selling Indian Jewellery (with European Style) in the Netherlands.

India is famous for many things but it's this country's bridal and wedding jewelrythat tops the list. Nowhere else in the world will you find the precious gems that are intricately set into various metals, woods, and ceramics to make the best Indian Jewellery. It's the latter two that are found mostly in Indian Imitation fashion jewelry and the most authentic and rustic pieces. But within the most elegant finds of online Indian jewellery are where you'll find the most precious of Indian Jewellery. In Asia, the indian subcontinent has the longest continuous legacy of jewellery making anywhere, with a history of over 5,000 years.

Our jewellery, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and ladies pursues imported from India with European touch. In short, a wonderful collection of jewellery for anyone who likes colour.

Source bol.com : Nearly seven out of ten people in the Netherlands wear jewelry and watches, with some 20 per cent of the Dutch – and particularly women – owning more than 15 different pieces. NRcollecties.nl (Official partner of bol.com)

Special handmade (Zari work) purses

Bead / bead Zari is a work in which a needle and thread is used to attach beads to fabric. The artist first makes a drawing on butter paper. The paper is then placed on velvet or satin. A solution of lime powder and kerosene is applied to the drawing, and seeps through the paper of the drawing in which a print is made on the fabric. The fabric is then stretched is applied to a square frame (a so-called "ada"), after which the beads fine work.


The purses of Bhopal (India) are famous for the beautiful designs with a Persian touch. The technique dates back to the beginning of the tribal culture, in which beautiful ornaments from wood, shells, metal, ivory and bone were made.